Eleanor Brown and Sarah Pekkanen, I Ain’t..

With homage to two of my favorite authors, Eleanor Brown and Sarah Pekkanen, who are so gracious and eloquent, and always say just the right thing; I am eternally impressed (read: jealous) by the inspiration they share with their readers.

To that end, I thought I’d try to reach out, craft words of wisdom and “exercise” one of my demons with some uplifting tips. Where did I go wrong?

Work-Out FundaMENTALs:

  • If you do not understand what DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE means, (you know, that giant sign posted on the easel you have to walk around to enter the gym) please ask for help.
  • DO NOT blow your nose into the neck of your t-shirt that you are currently wearing.
  • If you must do Tai Chi, please DO NOT do it on the treadmill next to me.
  • There is no such thing as calling SAFETY on work-out equipment. (That only works in your your own home, with SECOND-GRADERS.)
  • Subsection IV: DO NOT leave your trash behind, this includes but is not limited to used towels, gum wrappers, gum, kleenex (really?!), bandaids (are you kidding me?), newspapers, cups, bottles, Q-TIPS??!!
  • DO NOT prop up the the hairdryer in the locker room to blow dry your underpants.

Sigh. There is a cinnamon Pop-Tart at home with my name on it that I plan on eating (outside edges first) while reading what Eleanor and Sarah are up to. So help me, if they are doing a charity 5K for the underprivileged, I will scream.

23 thoughts on “Eleanor Brown and Sarah Pekkanen, I Ain’t..

  1. Funny stuff. As for me, I worked out at Crunch Fitness for so long that I memorized all of the routines. And now I save the $$ for a writers’ space, and exercise at home to good music. I’m over here fromt he She Writes Bloggers’ Ball, on the very last day. Better late than never! Cheers, Catherine

  2. Here from She Writes. Glad to hear they do that in the US as well as over here. Still trying to get over the person who dried their trainers with the hairdryer, thus giving us all the benefit of foot odour!

  3. Ah, gotta love a woman with a sense of humor. It’s been fun poking around. So glad I stopped by with She Writers. See you again!

    ps – Now I have to go visit Sarah’s site because I too, sport a very Finnish name.

  4. I haven’t had a pop tart in years…but that sounds good about now. It is amazing what well-crafted words can make you think you need to do…or be. You have plenty of your own words of wisdom to offer! MMF meaganfrank.com

  5. Hell, if I could run 2 minutes straight, I’d consider myself in shape. When I do workout the litany in my head goes runs to the self-admonishing.

    I love cinamon pop tarts. But I eat the middle first. And they HAVE to be eaten with a glass of milk. Whole milk. None of that healthy stuff.

    Elanor Brown…ah…I read the NYT review of her book and instantly fell in love. I must read it!

  6. Some folks should also look in the mirror before they head to the gym. Just a tiny peak! Do you really think that spandex is flattering??

    And the Pop-Tarts…. mmmm now I’m hungry. I eat the outside edges first, too!

  7. And I am even less likely to be doing a 5K, but there’s no one I’d rather share virtual space with than you, Sarah, and a Cinnamon PopTart.

    Also, may I add to your list, “Grunting when you are lifting a weight does not (a) help (b) make you look more manly or (c) engender any goodwill from your neighbors.”

    • Thanks, Eleanor–and, again, another most eloquent and fun reply!

      (I also agree with your grunting grievance: there was a guy trying to have an orgasm on the treadmill next to me, for 29 minutes…oh, oH, OHOHOHOH… People kept turning to stare; I have no idea why I was the one embarrassed.)

  8. As honored as I am to be tagged alongside my writerspouse Eleanor Brown in this post (I want to marry her, but we’re both spoken for, so I’ve coined a new term for her)…. I’m just a little more excited to share a tag with a Cinnamon Pop-Tart. That’s never happened before. And you are safe in your assumption that there will be no running of 5Ks anytime soon…. xoxo

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