Monkey See. Monkey Do. Doo.

Of all the things I had to do, like organizing my collection of pumpkin recipes on Pinterest: pumpkin bars, rolls, breads, spreads, organic orgasm-enhancing oil (I’m sure it’s on there, keep looking!), a trip to the craft store wasn’t in my plans.

I needed some new toys for my nephew. He likes monkeys, I like monkeys. He likes plastic noisy things, I like cheap. (Dumb Dora was so dumb, her mother gave her money to go to the store to get felt, but Dumb Dora just laughed and laughed ‘cuz she knew she could go to the store and get felt for free.)

Voila! Friendly, felt monkey faces for hours 22 seconds of entertainment.

Pity from a four-year-old: Priceless.

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