Gaping Hole of Unmet Needs

Oh, what a tangled web of weeds,
When we doth are a gaping hole of unmet needs.
-Every author, everywhere

The best part about being a writer is reading everyone else’s books. The worst part is talking about “craft” without adding macaroni-n-cheese.

In the losing game of please-buy-my-bookery, the plan is to get noticed. The problem is to do it without looking like a total eejit.

Since I blew my budget on a pair of Lululemon writing pants, I thought I’d make hand-crafted bookmarks. (I realize there are three major problems with that sentence. Nevertheless.) Hand-crafted is not a word to be used lightly, especially when one mixes in sand and hot glue gun.

I’m taking pre-orders—Who wants one?

Dammit. I’m pretty sure Marian Keyes and Jennifer Weiner don’t have to do this.

6 thoughts on “Gaping Hole of Unmet Needs

  1. Such an economy of words. I can feel your angst and yearning over the yoga pants, the mac-and-cheese, the bookmarks–all of it. I think my average blog comment is longer than your average post, and yet you manage to convey so much, amuse so thoroughly. Now that’s craft! What’s for lunch? I’m hungry.

  2. Well, ain’t that the truth? Finding a way to be found is like trying to keep the sand out your shorts while bodysurfing—you’re sure it can be done, the question is how?

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