For Pete’s Sake!

I don’t really know who Pete is, but anytime my Midwestern roots are showing, you better believe Pete will be there, too.

Meet my BFF, whom I’ve never actually met, for Pete’s sake, author Jess Riley. In Closer Than They Appear, a chance encounter at a stop light begins the quest that had me Midwestern rooting for her charming, quirky characters.images

But let me back up, for Pete’s sake. Jess had me at her intro, up through and all the way to the bonus vegetarian recipes at the end, (that I will never, ever make), best served with Tostitos and cabana boys named Gustavo!

bingoHey Jess, I will see your Festival Bingo (you’ll have to read about it yourself!) and raise you my adult relationship-building coloring book, Men Are From Jupiter, That’s Why They’re Stupider!


2 thoughts on “For Pete’s Sake!

  1. As Oliver Douglas would incredulously dangle, “For the love of…” I think he was trying to bring Pete along to every Jupiter-stupider situation in which the other charming characters ensnared him. Alas, I don’t recall any stop lights in Hooterville. Maybe, metaphorically, Drucker’s store as the setting? Oh, for Pete’s… I’m feeling stupider by the minute. Better pick up the book before they ship me back to Jupiter.

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