The Magic of Book Bloggers

The best part about writing is reading. The best part about reading is meeting other people who like to read and write. Enter the amazing world of book bloggers…smart, charming protagonists who graciously welcome a diverse utopia of stories and storytellers.

From the divine Larramie at The Divining Wand, to Audra over at Unabridged Chick, to Liz and Lisa at Chick Lit Is Not Dead, to Samantha at Chick Lit Plus, to Cathy at Lip Gloss and Literature, to Nigel Bird and his Dancing With Myself Interviews, to Raquel at Sinfully Tasty Reads, to Minh at Somewhere Only We Know, who cracked me up with the Best Worst Review ever…the universe is a better place thanks to this creative crowd of literati. Their style, personality and love of reading shines through each carefully crafted blog.

When one book closes another opens. Book bloggers have introduced me to many brilliant authors who I feel like I know, (but not in a stalkerish way) like the hilarious Karen Bergreen (FOLLOWING POLLY, and check out her stand-up comedy routines!), the awesome Elise Allen (YA author of ELIXIR with Hillary Duff and soon-to-be-released POPULAZZI, and bloggista extraordinaire!) and the fabulous Carol K. Karr (author of INDIA BLACK, my new, fav historical fiction).  Please note: I am not a stalker. Except for Marian Keyes…her, I’m stalking.

As writers work so hard for space on readers’ bookshelves, it is a magical adventure. The wit and wisdom of book bloggers make it that much more enchanting.