Spank Me, Pull My Hair, Make Me Call You Daddy!

As the Dominatrix of my empire, I experimented with a little PP on BB (PayPal on BookBub) action. (My safe word, review, was never used.)

BookBub is the hottest indie advertising venue around. But get in line, because traditional publishers are using it, too. My sixth women’s fiction/chick lit novel hit the shelves this summer. (Hit is such a strong word, it was more of a fly-swatter-swing-and-a-miss that knocked it behind the bookshelf for the enjoyment of dust bunnies. And crickets.)

  • BookBub slot: Sunday, September 8th
  • $240  (Price just increased to $260)
  • Women’s Fiction category: 350,000 email subscribers
  • BookBub statistics: Average sold: 1,060, Range sold: 80-2,700
  • Bargain: 99 cents, down from $2.99 (35 cent royalty)

I needed to sell 685 books to break even. After one week, nailed it. My book’s visibility and author rank was boosted up the list on Amazon, though I never broke that all-important Top 100.Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 8.34.59 AM

True Confession: I also went all in on some FB self-pleasuring and did a Facebook boosted promotion for $30, to the tune of 12,256 views. (Bless me Father, for I have sinned, it has been one week since I have been so obnoxious.)

And to complete this ménage à trois, I am in the middle of a Goodreads self-serve advertising campaign. That began August 6th, with a budget of $54, that I just can’t seem to spend. I have had 51,758 views, with only had 13 clicks (you pay per click). (I have changed the ad at least ten times and keep upping the click rate and daily total, and finally contacted Goodreads who replied that they have been having problems.)

Selling nearly 700 books in one week is awesome. As a business person . . .  (I’m just kidding, I’m not a business person! I just play one when tallying up what I need to earn to finance this business of writing.) I am glad I put out, but dream of one day being wined and dined. Off to make it rain!

I See London, I See What?!


Stupid book.

I See London, I See What? I see someone’s big ol’ butt.ass And it’s mine. And it’s hanging out. For all the world to see.

“Well, that was a stupid book.”

Oh Goodreads, oh Goodreads. Good deeds and misreads. Badbooks and bad seeds. Gaping hole of unmet needs. I don’t like every book I read, so why do bad reviews break my bones?

Dear George R. R., Please Don’t Read This!

Dear George R. R.,

Please do not read any farther. (Note: I Grammar Girl Googled farther vs. further. Now both words are stuck in my head and neither sounds real.) If you do need to take a quick break from getting on your giddyup for The Winds of Winter (2015? Really?) you may want to check out what your fans are saying on Goodreads.

Game of Thrones photoI, on the other hand, obviously have plenty of time to kill. Thanks to some crazzzzy Amazon algorithms, we were hanging out—Cheers from Ros.

Give my best to Jon Snow! See you soon—Game of Thrones, Sunday, March 31st!