Fast and Furious!

That’s how I like my dialogue–fast and furious! From Amazon Prime’s Fleabag (with undying ADORATION of Phoebe Waller-Bridge) to Netflix’s Workin’ Moms and Catherine Reitman, I am head-over-heels for tap-dance dialogue and the heroines who spew it.

And, I’m thrilled to report that my Maui Murder Mystery, Haole Wood, made the cut in this delightful video book review: one of 9 witty romance novels with sharp dialogue and clever characters! 

Please take a look at this lovely–very fun video–and discover your next thrill!

Thank you!

With awestruck appreciation and admiration to the talented!







Thank you, Australia: #Coping

p9315847_b_v8_abThank you, Australia, for being a friend. We’re going through some tough times over here and I have become completely addicted to Offspring. You are the Dr. Chris Havel and Dr. Patrick Reid to my neurotic Nina Proudman personality and piss weak problems. I’m even beginning to dream with an Australian accent. G’day.