Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl

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If you know the song, you know Brandy’s sailor loved the sea more than her (The bastard.). Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl is historical fan fiction, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1972 hit song. Brandy’s story doesn’t end when the music stops–her destiny is filled with adventure!

Crum, England, mid-1800s: 

“‘Brandy, ‘ he told me, ‘you’re a fine girl, ‘ he said. ‘You’d make a good wife.'”

Barmaid Brandy seizes on a plan to become that good wife and escape her life of drudgery. A pregnancy would be just the thing to get him to marry her. When that doesn’t work, she crosses paths with Elliot, a nobleman in need of a wife and heir by his fast-approaching 30th birthday, or else his inheritance will go to his scheming cousin Clarence.

Once married, Elliot’s problems appear solved, and Brandy has a kind husband and a warm and comfy new home, even if it is full of Elliot’s odd band of friends. Everyone tries to get along and put up with Brandy’s strange cravings and profanity-laden drama, until they discover she was never really pregnant.

She fears she’ll be kicked out, but not to worry–there’s still time for Elliot to fulfill his husbandly duty and save the day. Or is he… up to the task? When Elliot’s handsome — and virile — best friend Beau shows up, Brandy promptly falls head over heels. She becomes pregnant, but will it be too late? Swearing she can live on love, Brandy dreams of running off with Beau, until she discovers a shocking secret about her husband and his best friend.

Will the baby arrive before Elliot’s 30th birthday? Will it even be a son and therefore true heir? And who is the mysterious one-armed carpenter from Brandy’s past? Fear not — Brandy always has a back-up plan. From the tarnished silver locket (that turned her neck green, but may hold a pirate’s map), to a secret passageway containing hidden treasure, Brandy is determined to get by on her wits and her tits.

The #1 hit song, Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl, was written and composed by Elliot Lurie and recorded by his band, Looking Glass. Dee DeTarsio is an award-winning writer living in southern California. She hopes Elliot Lurie enjoys Brandy living her best life and enjoying fine adventures!

5 stars to Brandy (which I wrote, but hear me out) mostly because of the brilliance of the song itself, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! I was able to track down Elliot Lurie, singer/songwriter, who is as lovely as his voice! He gave me his blessing for continuing Brandy’s story in my novel, (though he is not endorsing it—and I can’t help but agree with his reasoning—his Brandy is the perfect story set to song at 3:00 minutes long). I hope he’s OK with the liberties I took with Brandy, because I couldn’t resist finding out what happened to her. I mean, come on, poor Brandy, wandering those dark streets alone, waiting for that rotten sailor who wouldn’t marry her? (His life, his lover, his lady is the sea?) Wearing a locket on a silver chain that bears HIS name? Rejoice! Brandy is about to change her destiny.

I hope Elliot Lurie (and his fans) enjoy Brandy living her best life and enjoying fine adventures!

Check out the amazing a cappella version of Brandy that Elliot Lurie performed during the pandemic, with Yonge Guns Quartet.