Shut Your “Skoal Hole!”


A book about a smartass guy in a wheelchair who works in a prison isn’t my usual cup of tea, but the smartassedy-ness of author Jess Riley always is.

You don’t have to be from the Midwest to thoroughly enjoy this novel (though it helps!) (and it’s not often we get to flash that badge of honor).

“Had everyone developed brain damage from hearing Urkel’s catchphrase one too many times? Did the mirror industry bottom out between 1990 and 1995? It’s amazing the birth rate didn’t drop completely off the charts back then, because I can’t imagine anyone fucking a guy with Billy Ray Cyrus hair and a tendency to call his friends ‘fartknockers.’ Yet it happened. And often, if Generation Y is to be explained.”

. . . From our man, Graham, so why don’t you just shut your “Skoal hole” and go read this.

I See London, I See What?!


Stupid book.

I See London, I See What? I see someone’s big ol’ butt.ass And it’s mine. And it’s hanging out. For all the world to see.

“Well, that was a stupid book.”

Oh Goodreads, oh Goodreads. Good deeds and misreads. Badbooks and bad seeds. Gaping hole of unmet needs. I don’t like every book I read, so why do bad reviews break my bones?