I See London, I See What?!


Stupid book.

I See London, I See What? I see someone’s big ol’ butt.ass And it’s mine. And it’s hanging out. For all the world to see.

“Well, that was a stupid book.”

Oh Goodreads, oh Goodreads. Good deeds and misreads. Badbooks and bad seeds. Gaping hole of unmet needs. I don’t like every book I read, so why do bad reviews break my bones?

5 thoughts on “I See London, I See What?!

  1. Don’t worry about bad reviews. As the author of 6 books; whenever I get a bad review I notice my sales jump up quite a bit. Think of it as everyone likes to see a trainwreck so sometimes bad reviews = more book sales 🙂 Keep going strong 🙂

  2. Oh honey, did you forget to don your hazmat suit before you went there? You know I love you…here’s something to distract you! Today J told me I wished his recently deceased aunt a happy birthday on Facebook! *dies a little herself*

  3. At least yours is at the right end (and shapely – sorry John, couldn’t help but notice). The reviewer is obviously a Butthead (and probably sports a misshapen noggin, as well).
    And don’t forget the words made immortal by Pee Wee Herman: “There’s always a big Butt…head.”
    Signed, Beavis (Heh, heh…)

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