Potatoes & Brussel Sprouts

Mmm…Since discovering The Starch Solution, How Not to Die, Forks Over Knives, our family is even more obnoxious than mere vegans…we are Whole Food Plant Based Oil Free Starchitarians! (Who-Fo P-BoFs?) Viva la potato. Tyler, Gigi and Jonae, this post is for you:


Clean, then cut in half small gold and red potatoes. Steam in top of rice cooker basket (10 minutes). *Put about an inch of water in bottom of rice cooker for steaming!


Clean, cut in half Brussel Sprouts. Steam in top of rice cooker basket (10 minutes).


Place parchment paper or tin foil on cookie sheet, place layer of steamed potatoes and steamed Brussel Sprouts. Sprinkle with Balsamic Vinegar, as much as you want.


Broil on High for @ five minutes. Remove from oven, stir mixture, and broil again for 3-4 minutes. Watch to make sure it doesn’t burn, but crisping and dark edges help make potatoes and Brussel Sprouts crispy and serves to carmelize the Balsamic Vinegar. At the very end, salt to taste: Enjoy!