Luellen & Lucy


Luellen & Lucy is “A charming Gone With the Wind era love story . . .”

The Civil War may be over, but for thirty-year-old Luellen, the battle has just begun. After burying her husband and children, Luellen and her lifelong friend, Lucy, pack up secrets and set about rebuilding their lives up north. But as Luellen finally finds the love and security she never thought she deserved, Lucy disapproves of the match and threatens to ruin Luellen’s chance at happiness.

Closer than sisters, neither can bear to part from the other until a train robbery changes everything. Lucy slips into Luellen’s life, while Luellen is embroiled in her kidnapper’s quest.

From bidding adieu to southern traditions to embracing love, compassion combats betrayal as Luellen and Lucy bravely face the future.

Thank you, Australia: #Coping

p9315847_b_v8_abThank you, Australia, for being a friend. We’re going through some tough times over here and I have become completely addicted to Offspring. You are the Dr. Chris Havel and Dr. Patrick Reid to my neurotic Nina Proudman personality and piss weak problems. I’m even beginning to dream with an Australian accent. G’day.