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I’ve known writer, Dee DeTarsio for … well, lets just say YEARS, now! (too many to admit, really) We met on-line as fellow writers. I was just starting out and Dee was very generous with her knowledge and helped me avoid many mistakes I would have inevitably made without her guidance. I will forever be grateful.

She’s written eight novels and two of my favorite include, THE KITCHEN SHRINK and HAOLE WOOD. THE KITCHEN SHRINK is about a women who wins a kitchen makeover. A television production company moves into her house, and let’s just say she gets a lot more than new cabinets and counters in the form of a gorgeous cameraman who raises the temperature every time he steps into the kitchen … ready to work.

Dee and I both have a special place in our hearts for Hawaii and every time I need a Maui fix, I crack open HAOLE WOOD…

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